February 23, 2006

“Dashboard dining” can affect vehicle resale value

Irvine, California – Hitting the drive-through can save time but can cost thousands of dollars in resale value, according to a report by Kelley Blue Book.

According to a U.S. survey conducted by Kelley Blue Book and Taco Bell Corp., nearly 60 per cent of all vehicle owners eat, or allow someone else to eat in their vehicles, yet only 34 per cent rank a clean interior as “the most important attribute to the long-term value of their vehicle.”

“Our research highlights a huge misperception among consumers that the interior condition of a car has less importance than the exterior appearance in terms of residual value,” says Jack Nerad, executive editorial director and market analyst for Kelley Blue Book. “Cars in excellent condition and appearance, both inside and out, can be valued thousands of dollars higher than those in good or fair condition

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