March 10, 2003

DaimlerChrysler receives Internet E-business Strategy Award

Frankfurt, Germany – International market consultants, Frost & Sullivan, presented its prestigious Internet E-business Strategy Award to DaimlerChrysler, recognising its outstanding achievement in utilising the Internet as a powerful business tool across the entire value chain as well as in the European remote vehicle diagnostics (RVD) systems market.

“The Award identifies DaimlerChrysler as being in a leading position with respect to having the necessary components in place not only from the perspective of just an e-business strategy, but also to harness the benefits of remote vehicle diagnostics,” says Frost & Sullivan Research
Analyst Anil Valsan.

Adds Mr. Valsan, “The four components of DaimlerChrysler’s e-business strategy not only cover the entire value chain but also allow ‘connectivity’ between the different functional processes.”

The company’s unique 4-part strategy seamlessly connects the company with system and component suppliers, dealers, customers, and employees in a network of mutually beneficial relationships. While it allows suppliers easy access to vital information relating to processes such as material purchasing, product development, and inventory management, the dealer network supports sales, promotion, and service activities. Most importantly, the strategy enables DaimlerChrysler to deliver increased convenience to customers through simplified buying process as well as in-vehicle telematics services such as RVD and emergency assistance.

Finally, the company’s Employee Portal benefits its workforce by giving them access to a wealth of information and a variety of business applications essential for everyday performance.

The Frost & Sullivan report finds that RVD will enable vehicle manufacturers to offer customers better after-sales-services and also improve profitability through process efficiencies such as savings from warranty costs. As the pioneers of RVD in Europe, Frost & Sullivan believe that DaimlerChrysler’s initiative has given it a significant first-mover advantage to benefit from RVD by integrating it into their telematics strategy.

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