January 12, 2005

DaimlerChrysler provides assistance to tsunami victims

Windsor, Ontario – Following the tragic events caused by the seaquake in Southeast Asia, DaimlerChrysler has initiated a series of relief efforts to support the victims of the disaster. The company’s efforts have already eclipsed one million dollars.

DaimlerChrysler made an initial donation to the German Red Cross immediately after the tremendous devastation of the tsunamis became known. Within the first 24 hours of the disaster, DaimlerChrysler also participated in concrete relief efforts through its national representations in the region, including the provision of commercial vehicles for humanitarian aid convoys to deliver 100,000 litres of fresh water.

In the U.S., the DaimlerChrysler Corporation Fund (DCCF), which has
worked towards the cultural and socioeconomic enrichment of communities for
more than 50 years, announced that it will support the victims with additional
funds of up to $500,000 U.S. ($617,050 Cdn). DCCF will make a donation of
$100,000 U.S. each to the U.S.-based relief organizations UNICEF, CARE and

Furthermore, DCCF will provide up to $200,000 U.S. for an employee
matching program, which will match donations of employees, retirees and
dealers on a 1:1 ratio of up to $5,000 each, up to the $200,000 maximum.

DaimlerChrysler Canada is also making a corporate donation of $25,000 in
support of the Canadian Auto Worker’s South Asia Disaster Fund. The CAW
national union has already donated $150,000 for the Canadian Red Cross for
tsunami relief and is matching member donations raised through workplace

In addition to the efforts by DCCF, DaimlerChrysler Services North
America, based in Farmington Hills, Michigan, announced the donation of an
additional $250,000 U.S. ($308,525 Cdn) to CARE, specifically designated for
the victims of the flood. On December 23, DaimlerChrysler Services had already
announced a $100,000 U.S. ($123,410 Cdn) donation to CARE; these funds will
now also be dedicated to the relief efforts.

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