April 10, 2006

DaimlerChrysler makes $10,000 donation to Pier 21

Halifax, Nova Scotia – DaimlerChrysler Canada has donated $10,000 to Pier 21, a Halifax pier that houses Canada’s Immigration Museum. The presentation was made by DaimlerChrysler Canada President and CEO Steven Landry, who is a native of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Pier 21 was “Canada’s gateway” from 1928 to 1971; almost eight years ago, DaimlerChrysler made a $250,000 contribution to rebuild the pier. “Today, we are pleased to announce a renewed commitment to Pier 21 that honours those ties and is consistent with the company’s sincerest desire to give back to communities where our employees and customers live and work,” Landry said during the presentation.

Pier 21 gathers and presents the stories of Canada’s immigrants and veterans, through interactive exhibits, personal testimonials and educational programming for schoolchildren. Plans are currently underway to expand interpretation to tell the entire story of immigration to Canada; nearly one million immigrants, British evacuee children, war brides, displaced people and refugees passed through the pier into Canada, and 500,000 Canadians departed through it to serve overseas. For more information, visit www.pier21.ca.

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