April 11, 2002

DaimlerChrysler introduces improved 2002 GEM electric car

2002 GEM 4-passenger

2002 GEM
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Santa Monica, California – DaimlerChrysler introduced the 2002 GEM neighborhood electric vehicle here yesterday. GEMs are available in two- and four- passenger models as well as short- and long-bed utility versions. In the U.S.A, the GEM is legal to drive at a top speed of 25 mph on streets posted at 35 mph or less. The GEM is not yet available in Canada.

Improvements to the 2002 model include:

  • A new 5-horsepower General Electric DC motor (replacing the previous 3.5-horsepower version) provides better efficiency, giving improved performance.

  • The new 10:35:1 ratio gearbox offers better performance throughout the vehicle’s 0-50 km/h range.
  • Removable, fiberglass, hard doors have been added as an option package to provide more all-weather versatility. The doors are designed to retain the spacious feel of the standard GEM.
  • The improved interior includes a more functional dashboard and glove box.
  • New thermoplastic body panels feature colouring that is imbedded instead of painted on, which is a better process for the environment as it eliminates paint emissions. The colour match actually results in a more consistent colour with an acrylic surface that gives greater “depth of image.” Moreover, the body panels are now recyclable.
  • Extended three-year warranty with batteries and tires prorated.

Other, less obvious improvements include hood and seat latch mechanisms that have been upgraded from the old screw type, and new battery hold-downs are being used.

Global Electric Motorcars, LLC, is the largest U.S. producer of street-legal electric vehicles. DaimlerChrysler purchased Global Electric Motorcars, LLC, in December, 2000.

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