December 6, 2002

DaimlerChrysler Canada donates $1.6 million to University of Windsor

Ross Paul, University of Windsor and Ed Brust, DaimlerChrysler Canada celebrate today’s donation announcement of $1.6 million in cold, hard cash promoting excellence in engineering education. Click image to enlarge

Windsor, Ontario – Ed Brust, Chairman, President and C.E.O.,

DaimlerChrysler Canada today announced a donation of $1.6 million

to the University of Windsor.

The establishment of the DaimlerChrysler Canada/University of Windsor

Excellence in Engineering Education (Three “E”) Fund will build on the

university’s solid reputation as Canada’s leading institution for automotive

engineering. The Three “E” Fund will support education through the

acknowledgement of excellence: student excellence; leadership excellence;

teaching excellence; and, community outreach excellence.

“Industry and education have a shared responsibility of preparing young

Canadians to successfully compete in today’s global economy,” said Mr. Brust.

“I can’t imagine anything more rewarding than expanding upon our existing

relationship with the University of Windsor through the Three “E” Fund to

provide engineering students with a world-class educational experience.”

The $1.6 million fund will supply resources for student awards, teaching

awards, industry exchange programs, as well as elementary and secondary school

engineering awareness programs.

“What is so particularly appealing about this latest generous donation

from DaimlerChrysler Canada is what it will do to foster excellence and to

raise the national and international profile of our unique automotive

engineering program,” said University of Windsor President Dr. Ross Paul. “It

will help us to attract more first-class students and faculty and to challenge

them to exceed all expectations. Too many university programs these days are

seriously comprised by the lack of supporting resources. The new funding will

help ensure our engineering program won’t suffer the same fate, thanks to the

generosity of DaimlerChrysler Canada.”

Beginning in the mid-1990’s, DaimlerChrysler Canada and the University of

Windsor developed the shared vision of forging the link between industry and

academia. By 1996, vision became reality with the opening of the University of

Windsor/DaimlerChrysler Canada Automotive Research and Development Centre.

With today’s donation announcement, this revolutionary partnership continues

to evolve and set new benchmarks of excellence.

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