April 23, 2002

DaimlerChrysler Canada celebrates Earth Day with earth-friendly cars

GEM neighbourhood electric vehicle
GEM neighbourhood electric vehicle

Jeep Car Care II
Jeep Car Care II

DaimlerChrysler ESX3
DaimlerChrysler ESX3
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Windsor, Ontario – DaimlerChrysler Canada and the CAW Windsor and Pillette Assembly Plants’ Joint Workplace Environment Committees showed their support of the environment at the community Earth Day event Sunday with a showcase of DaimlerChrysler earth-friendly vehicles like the CARE Car II, the ESX3 and the GEM.

The CARE Car II is the second phase of DaimlerChrysler’s CARE (Concepts for Advanced Recycling and Environmental) Car demonstration program using innovative recycling technology. The goals of the program are to increase the recyclability and recovery of automobiles to about 95 percent by weight and increase the use of recycled materials in production vehicles while potentially saving the automobile industry $320 million (U.S.) per year.

“This project demonstrates that the industry can ‘care’ for the environment while protecting the bottom line,” said Bernard Robertson, Senior Vice President of Engineering Technologies and Regulatory Affairs. “Automobiles are already one of the most recycled products on the planet, but
this technology presents the first real world solution to recycle the remaining 25 percent of a vehicle that still goes to a landfill.”

DaimlerChrysler worked with 26 production suppliers of which three were Canadian, Magna International, Lavergne Group and Vitafoam, to retrofit two Jeep Grand Cherokees with 54 recycled plastic parts. The recycled parts meet the same material specifications required for production vehicles.

ESX3 is an example of DaimlerChrysler’s progress toward creating an ultra high-mileage family car that pleases passengers while protecting the environment. The ESX3’s mild hybrid electric powertrain combines a clean, efficient diesel engine, electric motor and state-of-the-art lithium-ion battery to achieve an average of 3.3 litres per 100 kilometres fuel efficiency. A unique electro-mechanical automatic transmission (EMAT) developed by DaimlerChrysler engineers provides the fuel efficiency of a manual transmission with the convenience of an automatic.

An all-new concept in community transportation, the GEM neighbourhood electric vehicle offers a fun new way to get around town for just pennies per kilometre. The vehicle is specially designed for low speed driving in and around city centres, planned communities, resorts and even large industrial
campuses. The one displayed at Windsor’s Earth Day celebration was taken directly from Windsor Assembly Plant where it’s used on the shop floor.

Offering a driving range of 48 to 56 kilometres (30 to 35 miles), the GEM features familiar automotive type batteries that fully charge in about eight hours. No special chargers are needed since the GEM plugs into a standard 110-volt household outlet.

Global Electric Motorcars LLC, a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler Corporation located in Fargo, North Dakota, is the largest U.S. producer of electric vehicles that can be licensed for public roads.

In addition to Sunday’s community event, the joint union/management environment committees coordinated in-plant displays and distributed tree seedlings to employees at the Windsor and Pillette Assembly Plant gates on Friday, April 19. Brampton Assembly Plant is celebrating Earth Day today with in-plant exhibits and activities.

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