July 7, 2005

DaimlerChrysler Canada and Ford of Canada announce employee pricing discounts on 2005 models

Windsor & Oakville, Ontario – Following the lead of General Motors in the United States, DaimlerChrysler Canada and Ford of Canada have announced employee pricing discounts on most of their 2005 models.

DaimlerChrysler said that all its customers will now benefit from the same financial savings that its 12,000 employees do, plus up to an additional $5,500 in dealer discounts on almost all of its 2005 vehicles. The company says it is the first to offer such a discount in Canada, although it was followed almost immediately by a similar announcement from Ford. General Motors already offers a similar plan but only to U.S. buyers.

Ford of Canada is offering its employee discount pricing plus up to $5,000 in dealer delivery allowance to all customers through its “Ford Family Plan”. Beginning July 8, Ford customers will be eligible to receive the Ford discount price on 2005 model year cars, trucks and SUVs. All 2005 eligible Ford models will be sold at or below the employee and retiree discount price, less existing discounts. Excluded from the plan are Ford trucks larger than F-350 and E-350, the Ford Mustang and Ford Escape Hybrid.

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