November 24, 2006

DaimlerChrysler and University of Windsor win national health award

Windsor, Ontario – An innovative partnership between DaimlerChrysler Canada and the University of Windsor in Ontario has won the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Partnerships Award.

The award was given to Dr. John Mann, Director of Engineering and Regulator Affairs at Daimler Chrysler, and Dr. Anne Snowdon, a University of Windsor Nursing Professor and Coordinator, Health, Safety and Injury Prevention for AUTO21 Network of Centres, received the award for their efforts to increase knowledge of effective child safety system use in vehicles.

The partnership is part of AUTO21’s research project, Enhanced Child Safety in Automobiles. The initiative merged Dr. Snowdon’s expertise in family research and population health, and that of her team of researchers at nine other universities, with industry experts in safety system design, crash avoidance strategies and government regulations led by Dr. Mann. The initiative was aimed at improving understanding of the choices made when parents and caregivers use child safety seats, in order to develop more effective education programs and significantly improve accurate use of child safety seats in vehicles.

The project resulted in Bobby Shooster Rides Safely in His Booster, a multi-media education program, which targets all members of the car seat-using Canadian family. When tested in Ontario, the program led to a significant increase in parents’ knowledge of the use of safety seats; the program is now being tested in six Canadian provinces, with further support from AUTO21 and DaimlerChrysler Canada, and with the endorsement of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police.

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