January 23, 2007

Cracked windshields may put a motorist in harm’s way, says AAA

Orlando, Florida – Driving with a damaged or cracked windshield can hinder a motorist’s visibility, but also compromise the structural integrity of the vehicle during a rollover crash, says the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Windshields not only support the roof of the vehicle, they also protect motorists from being ejected during collisions when combined with the use of a safety belt.

AAA is encouraging all motorists with cracked or damaged windshields to immediately seek the advice of an auto glass technician.

“We are very pleased that AAA is raising consumer awareness on the importance of windshield safety,” says Leo Cyr, vice-president of the National Glass Association. “Many people just don’t realize that their car’s windshield contributes to the vehicle’s structural integrity by supporting the roof during a rollover.”

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