April 7, 2006

Couple set Guinness World Book record for round-the-world fuel efficiency

London, England – Australian couple, John and Helen Taylor, arrived in England after setting a new, around-the-world Guinness World Record for fuel efficiency. The couple went around the world in 78 days, through 25 countries, covering 28,970 kilometres on just 1303 litres of Shell fuel or 24 tanks!

Fuelled by the new Shell Fuel Economy Formula, a formula developed by Shell International, John and Helen drove a Volkswagen Golf FSI 1.6, Volkswagen’s standard production model from the United Kingdom.

The Taylors’ car was accompanied by a crew consisting of an independent witness, a videographer to document the journey, a writer to help chronicle the Taylors’ adventures, and two Volkswagen support personnel.

For a daily log of the journey, see www.fuelchallenge.com.

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