When the new Corvette Stringray goes on sale, GM says it will be the most fuel efficient car with over 400 hp.

Fuel economy numbers for sports cars are akin to tow ratings and payload capability. In the grand scheme of performance vehicle purchases, fuel economy doesn’t enter the equation as it does with subcompacts and hybrids. But, when the new Corvette Stringray starts hitting dealer lots, GM wants you to know it is capable of 30 mpg (US) highway when Eco Mode is active.

The new Corvette has been rated at 17 mpg city and 29 mpg highway. However, the highway number is an interesting one, as it’s a combination of running the car in Touring Mode and Eco Mode. In Touring Mode, the Corvette will return 28 mpg, whereas in Eco Mode it will return 30 mpg. Split the difference and you have 29 mpg. Sounds pretty efficient for a car that makes 455 hp.

The key to Eco Mode is cylinder deactivation, effectively transforming the lumping V8 into a fuel sipping 4-cylinder. Also, the rating is for manual-equipped Corvettes. Numbers for the automatic will be out soon.

[Source: Car & Driver]

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