Farmington Hills, Michigan – The majority of U.S. consumers are not aware that Chinese automakers plan to bring their products to North America, according to a recent survey by Morpace Omnibus.

“In spite of successfully generating hype among the press and industry experts at the North American International Auto Show, Chinese automobiles such as Chery, Geely and BYD remain largely unknown to the American public, a public which also lacks interest in these products,” said research director Meiling Shih.

Of 1,010 people surveyed, only 28 per cent had heard about Chinese automakers’ intent to enter the U.S. market. Television topped the list of sources contributing to awareness, followed by the Internet and newspapers.

Shih said that lack of awareness may contribute to low consideration, with only 12 per cent willing to consider a Chinese-made vehicle.

Chinese automakers have been working hard to meet U.S. regulations for government certification, Shih said. “However, they still need to make up a lot of ground among American buyers. A car is a big investment. Even if a vehicle meets government standards, consumers won’t buy an unknown brand unless quality and brand sustainability are proven. Since 2006, six different Chinese automakers have displayed more than 20 models to Americans. However, consumer perceptions have to change before we’ll see a made-in-China product on the street.”

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