August 13, 2007

Consumer Reports rates seven car paint scratch removers

Yonkers, New York – Consumer Reports has tested seven car paint scratch removers and reports that the best is also the most expensive, but that all have their limits.

In testing, Quixx High Performance Scratch Remover did an “Excellent” job at repairing very fine scratches, and was the only product rated “Very Good” at removing fine to medium scratches. However, it was the most expensive tested, priced at more than three times the cost of other brands tested.

Mothers California Gold Scratch Remover and NuFinish Scratch Doctor proved “solid options for those seeking a cheaper solution,” the magazine reports; both brands were “Very Good” at removing swirl marks and fine scratches, and “Good” at repairing fine to medium scratches.

However, the testers found that the do-it-yourself removers have their limits. Only Quixx Scratch Remover did a good job of smoothing out a scratch deep enough to feel with a fingernail. The products can also cause hazing when used too aggressively, as GS27 Scratch Remover and Meguiar’s ScratchX products did in testing. Quixx includes a strip of ultra-fine, 3,000-grit sandpaper for deeper scratches, but the magazine reports that “if a consumer isn’t careful, he or she could sand through the clearcoat, which would necessitate repainting.”

While all seven scratch removers tested scored at least “Good” at removing very light scratches and imperfections, Black Magic Express Scratch Treatment and Turtle Wax Scratch and Swirl Remover scored the lowest. The testers also reported that Turtle Wax was also more difficult to use.

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