June 21, 2006

Consumer Reports rates car waxes

Yonkers, New York – Consumer Reports tested more than two dozen liquid, paste and spray car waxes and found that Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Wax and Turtle Wax Carnauba Car Wax T-6 tied with “Excellent” overall scores, and outperformed several more costly brands. They were both also named “Best Buys” because of their combination of performance and comparatively low cost. The results are to be published in Consumer Reports’ July 2006 issue.

A total of 28 different brands of car wax were tested, at prices ranging from about $5 to $32 (all prices U.S.). Both the Black Magic and Turtle Wax products retail for around $7.00.

The magazine notes that liquid waxes generally provide the best combination of cleaning and protection, but contrary to popular belief, they required more effort than paste waxes to apply and remove. As a group, liquids were the hardest to apply evenly, and they took the most time to buff out. In addition, some left a powdery residue that had to be wiped off, and even the top-rated Black Magic Liquid Wet Shine required extra buffing to eliminate any streaking. The magazine also noted that the Turtle Wax T-6 “can cause slight scratching or hazing on newer, dark-coloured finishes.”

The tests found that pricier waxes do not necessarily work better than some less-expensive brands; P21S Concours-Look Carnauba Wax, which sells for $32, ranked only mid-pack. Among the four paste waxes tested, Nu Finish NFP-80 scored highest with “Very Good”, while Eagle One Wax-As-You-Dry and Turtle Wax 1 Step Wax & Dry T-9 tied as the best spray products with “Good” scores, followed by Turtle Wax Platinum Series Ultra Gloss T-413R.

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