September 20, 2006

Consumer Reports offering Canadian-specific car pricing tools

Yonkers, New York – U.S.-based Consumer Reports has announced the introduction of its Canadian New Car Price Report to Canada; it is the first time the consumer product testing organization will offer Canadian-specific price and incentive information.

The reports will be available at; pricing is US$29.95 for one report, US$39.95 for two reports and US$49.95 for four reports.

“There was an information void in Canada,” says Rob Gentile, director of Consumer Reports’ Auto Price Service. “Canadian new-car buyers could only rely on Consumer Reports’ U.S. pricing data, which did not correlate well. But now our Canadian New Car Price Reports will give Canadians the most accurate new-car price information based on local information, in addition to unparalleled testing data.”

The site will also post a list of up to ten “Canadian Best Deals” and will be updated monthly.

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