August 1, 2007

Common key locations help thieves steal cars

Toronto, Ontario – A new poll, commissioned by Boomerang Tracking, found that 86 per cent of Torontonians leave their car keys in the same common locations every night, such a hook by the front door, or the kitchen counter, which is exactly where thieves look.

Toronto Police recently issued a public service alert, warning residents of an increase in residential break-and-enters where car thieves break into the home, steal the keys and drive away in the vehicle, defeating all existing anti-theft devices.

According to the survey, when presented with the information, 60 per cent of respondents said they would place their keys in a safer, hidden location in future, but 40 per cent said they are still willing to take the risk and leave their keys as they were.

The police say that SUVs and luxury automobiles are the main targets of car thieves in select areas of Toronto. Residents in North Central and Southwest Toronto are being cautioned to take extra care to protect their vehicles.

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