Vancouver, British Columbia – A popular collector car insurance plan is expanding to British Columbia in time for the spring driving season. Pelling & Associates of Vancouver will be the exclusive agent in B.C. for the Silver Wheel Plan for collector cars, and the Custom Wheel Plan for customized vehicles.

Underwritten by Aviva Elite, the plans are designed specifically for special interest or collector vehicles that are more than 15 years old. The plan was launched more than 30 years ago and is well established across Canada, with more than 43,000 policyholders in Ontario alone. There are an estimated 25,000 potential policyholders in B.C., with cars ranging from modest special-interest vehicles to exotic collectables.

Brad Pelling, president of Pelling & Associates, said that the major difference between the Silver Wheel and Custom Wheel plans and other plans currently available in B.C. pivots on the critical concepts of “appraised value” and $100 deductibles for both collision and comprehensive.

“The distinct advantages of the Silver Wheel and Custom Wheel plans over ICBC and other insurers is that an independent appraisal of the current value of the car is obtained and this value then becomes the foundation of the policy,” said Pelling, who owns a vintage Porsche. “Car owners gain an enormous sense of comfort that their pride and joy will be covered to the appraised value in the event of a claim.”

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