London, Ontario – A class action lawsuit has been launched against Graco Children’s Products regarding its TurboBooster child car seats. Production of the seats began around June 2002 and millions were sold to North American consumers, with many still in use today.

The claim, launched by law firm Siskinds, alleges that TurboBooster seats manufactured prior to late 2007 or early 2008 have a common design defect that can result in the armrests changing position and/or completing separating from the seat’s base in the event of a crash, resulting in a serious safety risk to the child in it.

“We believe that through this lawsuit, the defendants will be required to account for the defect, explain to Canadian consumers what they knew about the risks associated with using the TurboBooster child car seats manufactured prior to the defect being corrected when they first became aware of those risks, and why nothing was done to correct the defect in the older models,” said Matthew Baer, a lawyer with Siskinds. “In this case, as with all of these types of cases, we are concerned about the safety of the product which, in this case, is specifically being used by Canadian children as a safety device.”

Canadians who have TurboBooster child car seats manufactured prior to 2008 are encouraged to visit Siskinds or to call 1-800-461-6166 extension 2381 for more information. Quebec residents can contact Nathalie Boulay at 418-694-2009.

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