May 5, 2006

Class action pursued against General Motors in B.C., Alberta and Nova Scotia

Toronto, Ontario – Lawyers have announced the commencement of further class actions against General Motors of Canada Limited and General Motors Corporation in British Columbia, Alberta and Nova Scotia. A similar action has commenced in Ontario.

The plaintiffs claim that GM designed, marketed, tested and manufactured various vehicles with defective intake manifold gaskets. The vehicles include various 1995 to 2004 model year Buick, Chevrolet, Oldsmobile and Pontiac vehicles with 3.1-, 3.4-, 3.8- or 4.3-litre engines.

“The claim here is for the same problems that are being pursued in Ontario and across North America, arising from reported problems from General Motors’ use of inadequate plastics in the (intake manifold gaskets),” says Ward Branch, a partner with the law firm Branch MacMaster in Vancouver. “We allege that the plastic degrades prematurely, causing coolant to leak into the engine and that this can cause serious problems. We are concerned about engines overheating and seizing completely, requiring engine replacements at considerable expense to owners.”

General Motors has introduced a new gasket but Branch says it has not replaced all the old gaskets. In a statement issued in April, General Motors stated that it will review customer complaints on a case-by-case basis.

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