September 19, 2006

City of Toronto and police to hold idling vehicle blitz

Toronto, Ontario – The City of Toronto and Toronto Police Services have announced they are working together this week to reduce the number of vehicles left idling during a five-day blitz that ends September 22. Under the city’s anti-idling bylaw, most vehicles left idling for more than three minutes in a 60-minute period are subject to a $100 fine, plus a $25 provincial surcharge.

“It’s important to remember that smog is not just a problem in the middle of the summer, it’s a year-round issue,” says Shelley Carroll, Chair of the City’s Works Committee. “By avoiding unnecessary idling, we can reduce the level of smog in the city that contributes to poor air quality.”

The city is encouraging drivers to reduce their vehicle idling even further, by reducing warm-up idle to just turning on the engine and going, and by turning off the engine when stopped for more than ten seconds, except in traffic.

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