October 24, 2007

City of Longueuil, Quebec receives $11.4 million from gasoline excise tax revenues

Longueuil, Quebec – The City of Longueuil will receive $11,437,200 under the federal-provincial agreement on the transfer of a portion of federal gasoline excise tax revenues and the Government of Quebec’s contribution. It is the first payment for the city, which will receive a total of $35,741,249 over the next four years for infrastructure projects.

“Ensuring Canadians access to quality infrastructure is an important priority for Canada’s government,” said Michael Fortier, on behalf of the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. “This is why we are moving ahead with our $33 billion Building Canada infrastructure plan. I am pleased that the City of Longueuil can address its infrastructure needs, thanks to the financing offered under the Canada-Quebec gas tax agreement. Projects such as these demonstrate once again how open federalism practiced by the government of Canada can support a stronger economy, a cleaner environment and more prosperous communities in Quebec.”

The goal of the Canada-Quebec Agreement is to provide funding for the renewal of municipal and local infrastructure, and specifically for municipal drinking water, waste water, local road system and public transit infrastructure, within a context of sustainable development. The federal government will pay the government of Quebec a total of $1.34 billion over five years, to which Quebec will add $475.7 million. Including contributions from municipalities, $2.3 billion will go toward renewing municipal infrastructure.

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