May 31, 2006

City of Chicago purchases 100 Segways

Chicago, Illinois – The City of Chicago has released a five-year, US$580,000 contract to purchase 100 lithium-ion-powered Segway Human Transporters. This represents the largest municipal contract in Segway’s history.

The vehicles are used by a number of city departments, including police, fire, airport operations and emergency management; the city already owns more than fifty, used by officers to patrol O’Hare and Midway Airports, and the city’s downtown and lakefront areas. The Chicago Fire Department also uses them to provide emergency response during events.

Worldwide, more than 125 law enforcement agencies use Segways to patrol such areas as urban centres, universities, medical centre campuses, shopping malls and airports; a dozen federal and municipal agencies use them for bomb squad response. In late 2005, Segway introduced its il80 Police Package, which includes high-demand police accessories.

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