Auburn Hills, Michigan – Chrysler LLC has announced that it will offer three programs for financial support, job training and placement assistance to approximately 13,800 eligible UAW-represented workers, representing nearly all of its hourly employees in Michigan. The company is offering the programs in partnership with the State of Michigan and the UAW.

The programs are Incentive Program for Retirement, Special Early Retirement, and Enhanced Voluntary Termination of Employment.

“This win-win-win partnership will help employees who are separating from Chrysler land on their feet,” said Al Iacobelli, Chrysler Vice President, Employees Relations. “We appreciate the years of dedication and work that the men and women of Chrysler have put into their careers with our organization. We now provide them a chance to reinvest in and reinvent their next career.”

The company will offer the plans above and beyond its lump-sum payouts and extended healthcare benefits.

“Providing workers with the training they need is a critical part of our plan to strengthen and diversify Michigan’s economy,” said state governor Jennifer Granholm. “This collaboration between Chrysler, the United Auto Workers, and the State of Michigan is exactly the kind of partnership we need to better position Michigan to thrive in 21st century economy.”

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