January 9, 2007

Chrysler Group reports highest sales growth in a decade outside North America

Auburn Hills, Michigan/Stuttgart, Germany – Chrysler Group’s sales continued to gain momentum outside North America and increased 15 percent over 2005. It was the highest amount of growth in the last 10 years, and the total sale of almost 207,000 vehicles made it the number-two sales year during that same time period.

“It is clear that the road to long-term health for our Company must include an aggressive strategy for international expansion,” said Tom LaSorda, Chrysler Group President and CEO. By the end of 2007, Chrysler Group will have doubled the number of vehicles available outside North America when compared with 2003, tripled the number of right-hand-drive offerings and quadrupled the number of models with a diesel option.

Supported by the strategy to offer more vehicles that meet the needs of global customers, each of Chrysler Group’s three brands outperformed 2005 sales totals. Chrysler brand sales increased six percent with a total of 90,807 units, while the Jeep brand was up two percent to 85,591 units. The expansion of the Dodge brand in markets outside North America helped raise its year-over-year sales 185 percent and close the year with 30,527 units.

For the month of December, International sales were up 25 percent (20,845 units) compared with the same month in 2005 (16,667 units), and the year finished upholding the trend of monthly year-over-year sales gains, now at 19 consecutive months.

Jeep Grand Cherokee was the highest volume vehicle outside North America in 2006 with 39,208 units sold; and much like in the U.S., Chrysler Group minivans contributed to a significant portion of the year’s sales (35,716 units), making it the second-best seller. New models were also an important factor in the sales success. After being on the market only seven full months, the Dodge Caliber sold 17,722 units and accounted for roughly 9 percent of all Chrysler Group sales outside North America.

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