Auburn Hills, Michigan – Chrysler LLC has announced it will extend a deadline to hourly unionized employees for its special buyout program. The extension is a result of an addendum to the 2007 Collective Bargaining Agreement between the UAW and the automaker, which has not yet been ratified.

The original deadline had been extended to March 27, 2009, so that employees could assess the ramifications of the addendum. Following discussions with the International UAW, the automaker has agreed to extend the deadline again, with a firm date for closure to be established approximately one week after ratification, when that date is known. Employees who wish to accept the buyout before the deadline can proceed with separation from the company.

In a statement, Chrysler said, “We believe this course of action will allow those who want to separate to do so, while also allowing those who require more information on the changes to the UAW contract to have sufficient time to decide.”

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