Windsor, Ontario – Chrysler Canada has announced a new incentive program, “Buy with Confidence Guarantee,” for the month of May. The program combines innovative elements with some of the company’s largest discounts of the year.

Under the program, customers can order any new Chrysler, Jeep or Dodge vehicle, and if the offer gets better by the time they take delivery, they get the better deal. Under a new “no payments for 90 days” program for all eligible purchase finance customers, Canadians can buy virtually any new 2008 or 2009 vehicle and make no payments for the first three months of ownership.

Chrysler is also offering a “three-month pay break,” which it said is designed to benefit all Canadians, unlike incentive programs that depend on the customer’s employment status. Chrysler Canada will cover any three months of payment at any time and for any reason over the life of the loan, up to $500 per month, providing additional financial security and savings. The offer is available on 13 popular vehicles, including the Grand Caravan, Dodge Ram 1500, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Dodge Journey.

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