May 5, 2005

Chrome Systems offers Canadian data products for auto retailers

Portland, Oregon – Chrome Systems Corporation, provider of data, configuration technology and commerce solutions for the automotive industry, has announced two suites of data products and services for the Canadian market. Called Build-a-Car and Describe-a-Car solutions, they provide vehicle information in either English or French.

The Build-a-Car suite is used by sales departments inside a dealership, including new and used cars, fleet and Internet sales. Chrome Carbook, included in the suite, is a Web-based tool for configuring, researching, pricing and requesting vehicles, and is currently accessible from over 2,000 Web sites in North America.

Describe-a-Car gives businesses the opportunity to accurately and completely describe a vehicle using only a small amount of information, including the engine and vehicle identification number. The descriptions can provide myriad information, from loan systems to providing new or used vehicle data for window stickers. The system allows auto sellers, marketers and lending institutions to standardize large pools of vehicle data from multiple lots, dealerships or locations, while the search tool allows it to process virtually any vehicle manufactured from 2000 to the current model year.

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