Wuhan, Hubei, China – China Automotive Systems, a power steering component and systems supplier in China, has officially announced that Chrysler Group LLC is its first global OEM customer.

China Automotive (CAAS) received its first order from Chrysler to export power steering gears to its North American assembly facility in November 2008. Since mid-2009, the steering gears have been installed in the Jeep Wrangler.

Part of CAAs’ ceremony including groundbreaking for its new Henglong Research and Development Center. Chrysler represent Peter Zhou, director of supplier quality for China and Taiwan, presented a Proof of Certified Supplier certificate to the company at that time.

“We are very excited about our strengthening relationship with Chrysler and the deep potential for the vast North American OEM market,” said Hanlin Chen, chairman of CAAS. “Chrysler’s order boosted our confidence to continue to develop and produce reliable power steering systems reaching the highest quality standards required by the world’s most sophisticated auto manufacturers.”

CAAS also announced that it has begun production of its electronic power steering system, the first such system developed internally within China. The company is supplying 2,000 units per month to Suzuki Auto Limited in China.

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