February 12, 2002

Chicago Auto Show is bigger, better than Detroit and L.A. shows, say organizers

Chicago, Illinois – Organizers of the Chicago Auto Show claimed their show is the largest auto show in the U.S.A., surpassing both Detroit and Los Angeles. An independent auto show research agency certified that the Chicago Auto Show displayed a total of 701 cars and light trucks in 2002, compared to 602 in Los Angeles and 538 at Detroit’s North American International Auto Show.

In addition, consumers in Chicago can see nearly all the concepts featured in Detroit, plus a wider selection of vehicles that people can actually buy.

According to Enigma Research, the Chicago show displayed a total of 265 light trucks, vans, and SUVs while Detroit only exhibited 185. Chicago also shows nearly twice as many pickups and minivans as Detroit.

The show’s organizers claim that many automotive brands are beginning to place more emphasis on Chicago. Acura displayed nearly three times as many vehicles in Chicago than in Detroit, while Ford exhibited more than double. Saturn, Nissan, GMC, and Mazda also had twice as many vehicles in Chicago than in Detroit. However, Volkswagen and BMW each showed more vehicles in Detroit.

“With its central location and superior convention facilities, Chicago is well-positioned to be the country’s premier show in the new millennium,” predicts Mike Harker, a senior partner with Enigma Research. “Detroit’s main drawing card is its automotive heritage but with increased globalization in the industry it will become a much less attractive destination for the automotive press and industry.”

Enigma Research has been conducting event marketing research since 1993. Based in Toronto, Enigma has researched hundreds of auto shows, trade shows, sports and other events for a variety of clients globally.

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