VOLT205Vancouver, British Columbia – The Chevrolet Volt is being showcased at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver, marking its debut on Canadian roads.

The Volt will go on sale in Canada in mid-2011. It is propelled by electricity at all times and all speeds, providing up to 64 kilometres on a single charge, and using a small gasoline engine as a generator for extended range capability.

“The Volt can help Canadians significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions from their driving routine and, for daily commuters, could virtually eliminate the need to visit a gas station again,” said Neil Macdonald, vice-president of GM Canada. “We are genuinely excited to bring the Volt to the people of British Columbia and get them charged up about this game-changing green technology from Chevrolet.”

The company estimated that when using British Columbia’s clean electricity, the Volt will have less than four per cent of the greenhouse gas emissions of the most fuel-efficient hybrid on the market today, and will cost less than $1.00 per day for a full charge.

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