August 16, 2006

Chevrolet to offer CNG vehicles in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand – Chevrolet Sales Thailand has announced it will enter the alternative fuel vehicle market this year, offering customers the option of equipping a new Optra 1.6-litre with compressed natural gas (CNG), or upgrading their current Optra to CNG. Chevrolet says that as long as the installation is performed by an authorized and certified Chevrolet technician, the company will guarantee the quality of the fuel systems for three years or up to 100,000 km, and the vehicle’s warranty will not be affected.

“In light of the sustained high price of oil, Chevrolet is introducing bi-fuel system vehicles as a safe and practical alternative for Thai customers,” says William Botwick, President of Chevrolet Sales Thailand and GM Southeast Asia Operations. “Currently, CNG is roughly one-third the cost of gasoline, and this shift will also benefit the Thai economy by helping reduce dependence on imported oil.”

Optras equipped with the system will be able to use either gasoline or CNG, with the engine automatically switching to gasoline when the CNG has been fully consumed.

Chevrolet is also planning to introduce an alternative-fuel option for the Chevrolet Colorado, using a dual-fuel mixed injection of diesel and CNG. The engine is currently in the final stages of testing, and will mark the first time in Thailand that a pickup truck will be available with this type of fuel option. The Colorado will simultaneously mix the two fuels at a ratio of 80 per cent CNG and 20 diesel, or can be switched to 100 per cent diesel.

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