April 10, 2002

Chevrolet to introduce 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette

50th anniversary Corvettes
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Detroit, Michigan – For 2003, Chevrolet will unveil a 50th Anniversary Special Edition Corvette with more standard equipment on the coupe and convertible models, and Magnetic Selective Ride Control, the industry’s fastest and most powerful real time damping suspension.

The 50th Anniversary Special Edition, available only during the 2003 model year on coupe and convertible models includes special Anniversary Red exterior paint, specific badging, Shale interior and champagne-painted anniversary wheels with special emblems. It also features embroidered badges on the seats and floormats, padded door armrests and grips and the convertible features a Shale top. The package includes Magnetic Selective Ride Control.

New on the Corvette for 2003, Magnetic Selective Ride Control uses a damper design that controls wheel and body motion with Magneto-Rheological fluid in the shocks. By controlling the current to an electromagnetic coil inside the piston of the damper, the MR fluid’s consistency can be changed, resulting in continuously variable real time damping. As a result, drivers feel a greater sense of security, a quieter, flatter ride and more precise, responsive handling, particularly during sudden, high-speed maneuvers.

The system isolates and smoothes the action of each tire, resulting in less bouncing, vibration and noise. On bumpy or slick surfaces, the system integrates with traction control to assure maximum stability. It also works with ABS to keep the vehicle balanced and poised. It is the only system without electro-mechanical values and no small moving parts. It consists of MR fluid-based monotube shock absorbers, a sensor set and on-board controller.

In addition to the 50th Anniversary model, the Corvette adds new standard equipment on coupe and convertible models for 2003, including foglamps, sport seats, power passenger seat, dual zone auto HVAC (on coupe and convertible), and a parcel net and luggage shade on coupe.

For those who bring their little ones along for the ride, the 2003 Corvette includes CRAS child seat hooks on the passenger seat to allow easier child seat connection. The Corvette’s airbag-off switch must be used to disable the passenger-side airbag when using child seats in the vehicle.

During 2003 only, all Corvettes feature a special 50th anniversary emblem on the front and rear. The emblem is silver and features the number “50” with the signature cross-flag design.

In addition, Medium Spiral Gray Metallic exterior paint replaces Pewter for 2003.

In a related announcement, Chevrolet said a special 50th Anniversary Edition Corvette will be the Official Pace Car of this year’s Indianapolis 500. This is the fifth time a Corvette will perform Indy 500 pace car duties, and it is also the 13th time a Chevrolet vehicle has served as the official pace car.

Previous Chevrolet Indy 500 pace cars:

  • 1999 Monte Carlo (Jay Leno)
  • 1998 Corvette (Parnelli Jones)
  • 1995 Corvette (Jim Perkins)
  • 1993 Camaro Z28 (Jim Perkins)
  • 1990 Beretta (Jim Perkins)
  • 1986 Corvette (Gen. Chuck Yeager)
  • 1982 Camaro Z28 (Jim Rathmann)
  • 1978 Corvette (Jim Rathmann
  • 1969 Camaro (Jim Rathmann)
  • 1967 Camaro (Mauri Rose)
  • 1955 Bel Air (T.H. Keating)
  • 1948 Fleetmaster (Wilbur Shaw)

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