GM acknowledges Sparks downfall and fixes it by getting rid of outdated four-speed automatic.

If there is one thing holding back the Chevrolet Spark in the mechanical department, its the transmissions. Jonathan tested the Spark with a manual and told people to go with the four-cog slushbox. And, after I tested the Spark with the automatic (which will be coming up in a future review), I found the four-speed to be a bit of a dog.

Thankfully, GM is looking to fix the situation by throwing out the cog-box and replacing it with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This should give the Spark a fuel economy bump and also improve its on-road performance. With only 84hp coming from a 1.25L four-cylinder, the diminutive Spark needs all the help it can get.

[Source: GM Inside News via Autoguide]

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