Trucks revealed to the public at State Fair of Texas

Chevrolet will be heading to SEMA this year with a pair of trucks to showcase two very different concepts.

Revealed to the public at the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, the Silverado ‘Toughnology’ and Colorado Sport Concept are exercises is what’s possible with some aftermarket parts and licks of paint.

The Chevrolet Colorado Sport concept is about making the best of your pickup in an active lifestyle.

“It’s not just mountain bikes, but just about any passion you can name, from kayaking, fishing, dirt bikes and more,” said Tony Johnson, Colorado marketing manager.

“It’s a truck for those who need the versatility of a pickup to support their work and lifestyle interests, but don’t need a full-size truck to do it.”

At the core of the concept is the adjustable GearOn Accessory System that carries larger items above the pickup bed while leaving room in the bed itself for other smaller items. Chevrolet says the Colorado Sport is “being evaluated for future production,” though it does utilize off the shelf accessories for most of the build.

On the other side of the Chevrolet SEMA booth will be the Silverado ‘Toughnology’ concept, highlighting the use of high-strength steel in Chevy’s full-size pickup. However, there is nothing mechanically different with the ‘Toughnology’ truck other than a performance exhaust, upgraded brakes, and an air intake system.

Chevrolet Colorado Sport concept Chevrolet Colorado Sport concept Chevrolet Silverado Toughnology concept Chevrolet Silverado Toughnology concept

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