September 26, 2005

Checking tires helps fuel mileage

Mississauga, Ontario – With fuel prices rising, Bridgestone/Firestone Canada suggests checking tire pressure is the first step toward improving gas mileage. Tires can lose a pound of pressure each month and should be checked each month with a tire gauge.

The company’s research shows that at 120 km/h, most vehicles consume 25 per cent more gas than at 100 km/h; properly inflated tires can improve mileage by more than 3 per cent; 70 per cent of vehicles surveyed had at least one tire over- or under-inflated by more than 10 per cent; 33 per cent had at least three or four tires over- or under-inflated by more than 10 per cent; and 36 per cent of consumers do not know how to properly measure tire pressure.

The company suggests checking tire pressures when the tire is cold; checking each month, before long trips, or when carrying extra weight; checking the air filter and keeping the engine tuned; slowing down and driving the speed limit; and removing excess weight from the vehicle.

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