Laval, Quebec – Uniroyal Tire is reminding motorists to check tire pressures before heading out on a final summer road trip this Labour Day. According to a recent poll commissioned by the tire company, 86 per cent of Canadian drivers understand the importance of checking tire pressure regularly, but only 53 per cent say they do so each month. One-third of Canadians only check their tire pressure once a year, if at all.

Under-inflated tires are not only costly in terms of fuel economy and tire lifespan, but dangerous to those on the road, Uniroyal warned.

“Tires are a driver’s only contact with the pavement and although they should be checked at least once a month, they are often the most neglected part of a vehicle,” said Céline Messiha, marketing communications manager for Uniroyal Tire. “Without the correct tire inflation, it is more difficult to accelerate, brake or steer vehicles properly, all of which increase the chances of incidents on the road.”

According to Transport Canada, operating a vehicle with just one tire under-inflated by 8 psi can reduce the life of the tire by 15,000 km and increase the vehicle’s fuel consumption by 4 per cent.

Uniroyal offerings the following tips for correct tire pressure:

– Buy and use a high-quality tire pressure gauge, as air gauges at service outlets are often inaccurate.

– Verify tire pressure in the morning or when the tires are “cold”, meaning they have been stationary for at least three hours or have been driven less than 2 km.

– The correct inflation is found on the placard inside the vehicle’s door jamb or in the owner’s manual. The pressure listed on the tire sidewall is the maximum pressure allowed, not the recommendation for the vehicle.

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