Ottawa, Ontario – The new year is a perfect time for a safety inspection of your vehicle’s lights and wipers, according to Car Care Canada. It’s important to ensure that others can see your vehicle and that your visibility is not compromised.

Lights and wipers play a major role in safe driving, as the chance of a crash increases if you can’t see or be seen.  Car Care Canada also offers the following tips:

– Keep headlights, taillights and signal lights clean. External dirt and debris can dim these lights and prevent others from seeing them.

– Make sure that your headlights are properly aimed, as those that are not can blind other drivers and reduce your ability to see the road.

– Don’t “over-drive” your headlights. You should be able to stop inside the illuminated area. Otherwise, you are creating a blind crash area in front of your vehicle.

– If there is any doubt whether or not your headlights should be on, turn them on. Lights help you to see better in early twilight and make it easier for other drivers to see you.

– If you detect any problem with your car’s lights or wipers, have them checked out at once.

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