June 3, 2003

Cell phone top safety feature in the event of breakdown

Hamilton, Ontario – In an e-mail survey of police and driving instructors across North America the safety item most recommended in the event of a breakdown or emergency is a cell phone. The survey was conducted by Gary Direnfeld, executive director of the “I Promise Program” teen safe driving initiative.

The top 5 items most recommended by police and driving instructors are:

  • Cell phone

  • First aid kit
  • Flashlight
  • Ice scraper
  • Blanket

“Seventy-eight separate items were recommended and given the controversy on the first item, it
came as a bit of a surprise,” said Direnfeld. “Cell phone was the number one ranked item being
recommended the most number of times in responses. The responders were quick to point out though that cell phones should not be used while driving. We were told that many cell phones will still connect to 911, whether or not it is activated. This makes it truly a significant safety item,” said Direnfeld. He suggests parents check with their cell phone carrier to make sure this is true in their area.

To find out the other 73 items on the list, go to the “I Promise Program” website at www.ipromiseprogram.com. Enter the site and take the “Survey Reports” link.

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