And you won’t believe where most of them were found

Automotive badge engineering is something to behold. You get a car, badge it with another nameplate or make, and – VOILA! – new car to sell to the masses.

But, with BMW, badge engineering is something entirely different. It’s the process of affixing as many BMW M badges to the new 2015 BMW M3 as possible. And there are many.

Car & Driver recently gave their new BMW M3 a once over to see how many M badges they could find in plain sight and the number is staggering: 67. That’s 67 M badges found without peeling away any parts.

Where were most of them found? The undercarriage. Almost every unique M piece, from suspension to exhaust to engine undertray wore the slanted M. Of the 67 badges in total, 39 of them were found underneath the car.

2015 BMW M3 Harman Kardon audio

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