July 5, 2002

CCC Internet Solutions launches Free Invoice Prices.com

Mississauga, ON – CCC Internet Solutions (CCC), producers of CarCostCanada.com have launched a new consumer web site – Free Invoice Prices.com. The announcement was made by Paul Timoteo, President and CFO of CCC Internet Solutions Inc. Concurrent with the launch, CCC has initiated an aggressive marketing/branding campaign through Yahoo! Canada, www.yahoo.ca.

For the first time ever, Canadian new car buyers now have access to confidential new car dealer invoice prices effectively for free – based upon CCC’s exclusive redeemable coupon program. Up until now, CCC was the exclusive online source for this information for a fee ranging from $25 to $45 at www.carcostcanada.com.

In addition to providing dealer invoice prices, subscribers to Free Invoice Prices.com will also receive access to confidential factory rebates and incentive programs. For the service, CCC will charge consumers a fee of $50.00 including GST, which is fully refundable to the consumer by the car dealer of the consumer’s choice, upon conclusion of the purchase of his or her new car. In redeeming the coupon, the service is effectively free.

The average dealer spends over $300 per vehicle sold in related advertising, promotions and referral fees. By dealing with Free Invoice Prices subscribers and limiting their costs to the reimbursement of the $50.00 coupon, dealers lower their cost-of-sale and can therefore afford to offer subscribers preferred pricing.

“This is a great win-win-win for the consumer, the car dealer, and for CCC. The consumer gets the information they need to get a great deal and feel good about their buying experience all for free. The dealer gets a guaranteed sale for only $50.00 and, CCC earns $50.00 for each subscription sold! All around, everybody wins!” said Paul Timoteo, President and CFO of CCC Internet Solutions Inc., Free Invoice Prices’ parent company.

CCC guarantees that the dealer will honour the “coupon” or CCC will find a dealer that will.

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