September 16, 2005

CAW selects DaimlerChrysler for next round of bargaining

Toronto, Ontario – Canadian Auto Workers Union president Buzz Hargrove has announced that the union has selected DaimlerChrysler as the next company in the 2005 round of Big Three contract talks. The deadline for settlement is 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, September 20.

Hargrove said there are a lot of tough issues facing the bargaining committees, including a long list of takeaway demands by the company. He warned that the company has not indicated it will accept the pattern agreement established at Ford; the major obstacle is company demands for the closure of the Etobicoke, Ontario casting plant with 445 jobs, and the outsourcing of roughly 1,500 jobs in Windsor, Ontario and 700 in Brampton, Ontario. Hargrove said the union decided to move quickly to the next company after reaching a tentative agreement with Ford, because it has established an economic pattern.

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