Toronto, Ontario – Members of the Canadian Auto Workers union (CAW) are looking for the federal government to move decisively to help Canada’s ailing manufacturing sector with its 2008 budget.

“The manufacturing industry has lost over 350,000 well-paying jobs, while Ottawa sat on its hands,” said Buzz Hargrove, CAW President. “With the North American economy getting weaker by the day, this is the time for Ottawa to step in with meaningful assistance.”

Instead of tax cuts, Hargrove repeated the union’s call for targeted measures to directly boost investment in key manufacturing industries. In particular, the union wants:

Tax credits that are tied directly to new investment spending (like an investment tax credit); targeted assistance for key high-value industries, like the auto industry, aerospace, and other high-technology sectors. Specifically, the union wants Ottawa to support “keystone” investment projects like the proposed new Ford engine plant in Windsor; measures to assist the auto industry to adapt to new environmental rules, with support for investments in fuel-efficient products at Canadian plants.

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