Toronto, Ontario – Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) members today overwhelmingly endorsed and authorized the CAW National President and Master Bargaining Committees to engage in extraordinary restructuring talks with the Canadian units of the three domestic automakers in the coming weeks, as part of the broader restructuring of those companies.

The negotiations will be aimed at ensuring that labour costs at Canadian facilities of the three companies remain fully cost competitive with the companies counterpart facilities in the U.S., even as those operations are restructured in coming months.

The agreement would be contingent upon:
     –   Ratification by a majority of CAW members at each company;
     –   Participation by the companies in a financial assistance agreement
         with the Ontario and Canadian governments;
     –   Acceptance by the companies of agreed-upon commitments regarding
         their future proportional manufacturing presence and activity in
         Canada; and
     –   Development of a comprehensive and viable National Auto Strategy, on
         the basis of recommendations from the Canadian Automotive Partnership
         Council, which addresses the industry’s challenges including one-way
         trade imbalances between North America and the rest of the world.
In addition to considering possible changes to the existing collective agreements, the auto leadership also supported the national union and Master Bargaining Committees to engage in broader discussions with company and government officials regarding alternative mechanisms for funding legacy benefits such as retiree health and pension benefits.

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