December 5, 2007

CAW economist appointed vice-chair of Ontario Manufacturing Council

Toronto, Ontario – Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) economist Jim Stanford has been appointed as one of two vice-chairs of the new Ontario Manufacturing Council. The other vice-chair is Jayson Myers, president of the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters. The Council’s mandate is to report to the provincial government with recommendations on investment, innovation, trade, market development, energy and environment, and human resources and regulatory issues that affect the global competitiveness of Ontario’s manufacturing sector.

“As both an economist and a trade unionist, I believe passionately that manufacturing matters to our future economic and social well-being,” Stanford said. “Manufacturing generates unique benefits for our productivity, our incomes, and our trade performance. And our policies must reflect that importance.”

Stanford acknowledged that most of the difficulties facing manufacturing have arisen at the national and global levels, such as the dollar and trade deficits, but stressed that the provincial government has the power to make a positive difference. “I look forward to working with Jayson Myers, the Minister, and other manufacturing stakeholders to develop pragmatic policy ideas that could make a real difference to Ontario’s most important industry,” Stanford said. “We will build on the success of past initiatives like Ontario’s auto investment strategy.”

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