January 13, 2005

CAW donations generate $2.1 million for tsunami relief

Toronto, Ontario – CAW president Buzz Hargrove today announced the Canadian Auto Workers union (CAW) and its 265,000 members have generated donations totalling $2.1 million for tsunami relief.

The money, which is a record amount for the CAW, was raised by members through plant gate collections, individual donations, other workplace initiatives as well as from local union donations and matching funds from the CAW national union.

Hargrove presented a cheque for $800,000 to the Canadian Red Cross for
immediate tsunami relief. The $800,000 will generate $1.1 million because the
federal government will match dollar for dollar the more than $300,000 of the
total raised through individual donations. The remaining $500,000 was raised
through CAW local union donations and matching funds from the CAW national

John Mulvihill, Canadian Red Cross deputy secretary general-operations said,
“We’ve always enjoyed incredible support from the CAW and its membership in
times of need. For the CAW to come forward again with a donation of this size
is a powerful testament for the way the CAW and all its members care for the
plight of others,” Mulvihill said.

The CAW has also earmarked additional monies of up to $1 million for longer term development projects in countries hard hit by the tsunami. If further matching funds are contributed from CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) the total donation for long-term development generated by the CAW could be much higher.

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