December 7, 2006

CAW donates $50,000 to Victorian Order of Nurses

Toronto, Ontario – The Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW) has announced it will contribute $50,000 over the next three years to the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) Canada, for further development of a successful healthy-living program that helps seniors remain active and independent.

VON will use the funds to assist with the costs of volunteer recruitment and training for its SMART programs (Seniors Maintaining Active Roles Together).

“This is a tremendous program that helps seniors remain active and independent in their own homes and communities by providing special fitness programs specifically geared to their needs,” says CAW President Buzz Hargrove. “As our population ages, it’s critical to identify ways to help seniors maintain and increase their levels of functional fitness, which means they can continue to perform daily activities in independent settings. This is critical because it not only helps improve the daily lives of seniors, it also helps ease the burden on our public health care system.”

The VON’s SMART program fills the gap that currently exists for seniors between rehabilitation interventions and community fitness programming.

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