September 24, 2002

CAW chooses Ford of Canada as next target

Toronto, Ontario – On Monday, the Canadian Auto Workers Union chose Ford of Canada as its second target for contract talks with the Big Three automakers.

On the weekend, CAW members voted for a new three year agreement with GM of Canada. The deal with General Motors gives CAW workers a 3 percent wage increase in the first and second years of the contract and a 2 percent hike in the third year, as well as a $1,000 signing bonus, 36 hours in additional paid time off, and better health care benefits.

GM also agreed to invest millions of dollars in Canada.

The CAW’s negotiations with Ford are expected to be tougher than with GM. The main sticking point is Ford’s impending closing of the Oakville, Ontario truck plant in 2003 or 2004. The CAW has vehemently opposed the closing of the plant and has threatened to strike if it is closed.

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