September 18, 2007

Carpooling not popular in Ontario, study shows

Toronto, Ontario – A new survey by Goodyear Canada and Smart Commute suggests that, despite congested highways, high gas prices and environmental concerns, only 17 per cent of Ontarians use carpools. However, the study also reveals that almost 39 per cent of those age 18 to 24 take a “team approach” to commuting, suggesting the province’s future workforce is already going green.

The survey results kick off Carpool Week, which runs now until September 21, a joint venture of Goodyear and Smart Commute to encourage commuters to share rides in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Ensuring the safety of carpool vehicles is the other key thrust of Carpool Week. One of the primary findings of the study is that among those who carpool, 81 per cent consider the level of roadworthiness of the vehicle used to be an issue of concern.

Among other concerns mentioned were different work schedules, and the inability to find a carpool partner. Of respondents, 18 per cent said they would be more likely to carpool if there were a service that matched them with other drivers.

Throughout Carpool Week, Goodyear Canada is dispatching safety teams to Smart Commute employer parking lots to provide free tire inspections and laser tread depth analysis to carpool vehicles. For more information on tire safety, visit For more information on carpooling, visit

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