February 14, 2002

Carpoint.ca teams with J.D. Power and Associates

Toronto, Ontario – Carpoint.ca and J.D. Power and Associates and SampleNet e-Research Solutions announced plans to jointly develop and manage an online Automotive Panel to do automotive research. The arrangement will give J.D. Power and Associates and SampleNet access to Carpoints approximately 400,000 monthly visitors. J.D. Power and Associates intends to use the Automotive Panel for Canadian automotive research, including surveys, opinion polls and market studies. In addition, third-party research firms will be able to access the Automotive Panel through SampleNet services provided on behalf of Carpoint.ca and J.D. Power and Associates.

Under the terms of the initiative, Carpoint.ca will help recruit panelists by providing access to its user database through promotional efforts such as banners, fixed links, newsletters and pop-up ads. SampleNet will provide the technology infrastructure for panel development and data capture, and will conduct selected research in the Canadian market on behalf of J.D. Power and Associates.

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